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Hello there :) My name's Alec, or shortly (really longly) Th3HaloGam3r. I'm currently 19 years old, I've been a hardcore gamer ever since I was a baby, from games like Fairly Odd Parents, to Skyrim; oh man I loved them all. I've always had that dream to make a living off of playing video games, however I had no clue on how it would work out. It was then when I came across Let's Plays on YouTube. After years of watching those videos, I figured out that doing what the people I watched were doing, you could actually make a healthy, comfortable living on the revenue being produced. I knew what I had to do...

About the creator: Thomas Rogers

Why I made this?

I made this website because I have recently started getting into web design and love it! I wanted to practice the skill I have learnt in a real life project so I offered my favourite streamer (th3halogam3r) if he wanted me to make one. He said no… but I made it anyway Kappa.

Who am I?

I am currently at college in the UK, England. I am studying software and web design but it is mainly software and very little web, however I prefer web design (I only just found that out). My name is Thomas Rogers and I am 16 years old.

Help support me

A lot of time has gone into this project, it has been fun. I have learnt so much from different people and myself. I am happy with the outcome, even though it is a bit rough around the edges. If you like it please have a look at the links below or contact me if you want me to make you a site.


If you like the work I have done on this website and would like to support me then please consider donating to my or

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Thanks to the people that helped!


He is an overall great guy and has helped halo out a lot in the past. LordSherman has payed for the domain of this site and set up the web hosting. He even gave a few ideas on how to style the website. This would not be possible without him so go spread him some love!


Hagmeow, who is a web developer himself, has given me advice on how to style the website and I used some which look great! He has also taught me some cool tricks that I will use in later projects. Thanks!


He gave many great design ideas and improvements and directly helped me out with geting to the website looking as clean as it does now! He probably gave me the best criticism which rapidly improved the look of the website. Thanks!


This guy kindly reviewed the website and gave criticism that I took into consideration when doing the last bits of design and will carry them over into other projects. He also helped with the responsiveness of the webpage. Thanks!